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How to choose the handrails in the bathroom?

All the accessories in the bathroom can be said to have the finishing touch. Not only are they necessary, they have a variety of shapes, but also the key to creating a bathroom space. However, it is still an old saying. Zhongyong is also in vain. Four elements should be mastered when purchasing.

1. Look at the material. The current market’s bathroom handrails are made of the following materials: copper chrome, stainless steel chrome plating, aluminum alloy chrome plating, etc. Among these materials, pure copper chrome plating products can prevent oxidation and rarely fade; stainless steel chrome plating is cheap, but The use time is relatively short. Although the bathroom rails are small things, consumers should pay attention to choosing good quality products, otherwise they will have to replace the bathroom rails every time.

2. Look at the coating. Coating treatment is very important for hardware pendants, and it is related to product service life, smoothness and wear resistance. Good coatings are black and shiny and have a moisturizing feel, while inferior coatings are dull. A good coating is very flat, while a poor-quality coating will find wavy undulations on the surface if you look closely. Those with dents on the surface must be inferior products. A good coating is more wear-resistant, and the samples displayed by the merchants in the store must be wiped every day. The surface of the good product is basically invisible, while the surface of the inferior product will have a dense number of scratches.

3. Look at the brand. If you want to buy bathroom handrails with after-sales protection, consumers are best to choose branded bathroom handrails. Although branded items are expensive, when the quality of the bathroom handrails is defective, consumers can find businesses to replace or repair them. Generally speaking, it is still It's more cost-effective to buy branded bathroom rails

4. Look at the supporting facilities. The three major sanitary wares occupies the largest position in the bathroom, so the bathroom handrails should not be matched with the bathroom handrails. When purchasing bathroom handrails, you must consider whether these bathroom handrails match the sanitary ware you have purchased. Nowadays, there are various bathroom handrails on the market. Consumers should pay attention to whether the color, material and model are in line with the overall decoration style of the bathroom when choosing. It will look awkward in the bathroom.

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