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Where should the handrails of the shower room be installed?

Nowadays, when decorating and designing the bathroom part, not only its appearance, but also the safety issues that the elderly need to pay attention to when using it, many people will consider installing a bathroom handrail in the bathroom.

The most important thing to install the handrail in the bathroom is to find the right position. It is more appropriate to install it in the bathroom. Generally speaking, if there is no bathtub in the home but the bathroom, you can consider installing the handrail next to the shower head, or instead of hanging flowers. The shower rod, because the design of the shower rod is not strong enough to support the weight of the human body, the armrest can be set as a shower rod.

If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, it is recommended to install a grab bar at the mouth of the bathtub. It is difficult for the elderly to walk in and out of the bathtub, and it is easy to get out of danger. Therefore, it is necessary to install handrails next to the bathtub. The inside of the bathtub should also be designed with additional handrails to facilitate the elderly to change their positions in the bathtub. The installation of handrails in the sprinklers, bathtubs and aisles can ensure the safety of the elderly to the greatest extent.

Under normal circumstances, the bath products used in the bath are very slippery and are used on the body
When it is installed, the tiles on the ground will also have a lot of foam, which is easy to slip. Although Baidu has done anti-skid treatment, it is safer to install an armrest.

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