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  • The Anti-drop Handrail part of the anti-collision armrest according to human mechanics, there is a comfortable arc in hand


  • Advantages of Shower Grab Bars: Rugged and durable, streamlined design, simple and practical. Strong stability, high density, heavy weight, no peeling, no fading after electroplating and polishing, and it is not easy to rust in a humid environment, not easy to age, and the overall structure is not loose. Corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature resistance, strong stability, no fading, anti-wear function, good bonding force.


  • Anti-collision grab bar is an essential accessibility facility that modern hospitals, which is generally installed on both sides of the hospital corridor to help patients help.


  • To be safe and effective, the grab bars must be properly selected, properly positioned and properly installed. We use only code compliant, attractive and non-rusting stainless steel grab bars in a variety of finishes and lengths to meet the need and décor.


  • We are a china based company with over 8 years experience in the bath and kitchen industry, dedicated to providing high quality complete line of home safety products to our customers


  • As a professional Grab Bar manufacture, you can rest assured to buy Grab Bar from our factory and we will offer you the best after-sale service and timely delivery.


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