Bathing and toileting become more challenging with age. Navigating tight spaces, thresholds and slippery floor surfaces with compromised mobility and balance often results in falls and serious injuries. Fortunately, practical and cost-effective solutions exist to make bathing and toileting safer and easier for all levels of independence.

The most common and arguably the most effective home modification is the grab bar. Although an important starting point to making your home safer and more accessible, it is by no means the end. Grab bars are most effective at maintaining independence when combined with other helpful bathroom modifications. Bathing and toileting are two essential activities of daily living (ADL’s) that can be made so much easier with just a few simple modifications.

Reating a safe bathroom is not a one-size fits all solution. Development of the appropriate grab bar and bathroom safety solutions depends upon thorough assessment of the user, caregiver (if any) and environment. Although, national best practice standards are helpful in determining the proper placement of grab bars, each case should be evaluated independently to achieve maximum effectiveness. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) generally does not apply to private residences, however many of its principles may apply. The user’s height, weight, strength, independence and device usage need to be considered as does the availability and ability of a caregiver to assist in the process. Finally, we account for aesthetic preferences and budget. Our proprietary evaluation process will ensure that we match the most appropriate products to your particular situation in order to create great solutions that are as safe and cost effective as possible. Our experience of over 30,000 grab bar installations and thousands of bathroom modifications give us the confidence to help you, whatever your challenge.


Shower Adaptations

Confident and independent bathing is essential maintaining one’s dignity, health and well-being. Minor shower adaptations can be life changing. Removing sliding glass shower doors from a tub shower enclosure, adding a transfer bench, hand-held shower, grab bars, shower curtain and shower rod is one our favorite solutions to create a safe bathing experience immediately and very cost effectively. We carry with us a broad range of solutions to be able to make these commonly needed modifications right then and there on the spot. But, we also have knowledge of and access to a wide range of seating, support and transfer solutions that can make a major difference in bathing independence without permanently modifying the shower. We always start with the simplest and most cost-effective suggestions, but of course we can help with more involved solutions as well

Grab Bars

Grab bars are the most common, and arguably the most effective, senior home safety modification and no one has installed more than us – over 30,000 and counting. To be safe and effective, the grab bars must be properly selected, properly positioned and properly installed. We use only code compliant, attractive and non-rusting stainless steel grab bars in a variety of finishes and lengths to meet the need and décor. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the proper placement of the grab bars for maximum benefit and minimum aesthetic impact. Finally we use proprietary techniques and best of class fasteners to ensure a sturdy installation regardless of the wall construction – even in Fiberglas shower enclosures. Don’t risk the safety of your loved one (or the beauty of your home) to anyone less than a true grab bar expert.

Our standard grab bar is a high quality stainless steel bar with a chrome finish and slightly textured surface in the grip area. Most of our clients appreciate the non-institutional look and match with their existing chrome or satin nickel fixtures. Our technicians carry a wide variety of sizes on their trucks at all times so as to be able to both assess your needs and install in a single efficient and non-disruptive visit.

For those wishing a more contemporary look, our deluxe bar is an attractive and versatile alternative. It is terrific as a towel bar replacement as well, and again, is well stocked in every vehicle.

Of course, we can also special order bars to match your décor and preference, and we are happy to install bars that you have purchased as well.

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